Crochet Dry Head Patterned Shawl Model

March 14, 2019
 Crochet Shawl Models
Crochet Dry Head Patterned Shawl - Wrap Model

Crocheted shawls are one of the most frequently used clothing in spring. It is an example of crocheted shawls made of dry head motifs for those who want to weave different models.

It is a motif which is used frequently by people who want to differentiate in their own style besides the motifs and patterns which are known by everyone. In this publication, we present a dry head motif shawl.

The construction of the shawl which will be processed with six number crochet is shown in the pictures.

 Crochet Shawl Models 1

 Crochet Shawl Models 2

 Crochet Shawl Models 3

 Crochet Shawl Models 4

 Crochet Shawl Models 5

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